Four energy-saving tips that make your air conditioner use up energy.


Air conditioning systems are some of the worst culprits of energy waste. You should expect your air conditioner to use quite a bit of energy in the summer when people in Merced cannot do without a refrigerated air system to make the heat bearable. However, your air conditioning costs might be a lot higher than they should.
Several factors could make your air conditioner use more energy than it should, and we want to go over a few here. For more information, reach out to our experienced team!

Tips 1: You don\’t have a high-efficiency central air conditioner.

If you don\’t currently have a high-efficiency central air conditioner in place, you\’re missing out on an opportunity to save big. If your older air conditioner is well over a decade old, it simply doesn\’t compare to the efficiency of today\’s systems. Worn-down components mean the system cannot run smoothly.
And if you use window units to cool your home, you certainly don\’t have the cooling power or efficiency you need. A central air conditioner or ductless system will suit your home much better efficiency. Window units rarely can cool a large room, thus running continuously, wearing down quickly, and using way more energy than they need to. The most energy-efficient unit you can have is a central AC or a ductless mini-split with a SEER of 16 or higher.

Tips 2: Your air conditioner requires service or repairs.

You might put off service for your air conditioner as long as possible, hoping to put off the cost. However, the longer you wait to service your air conditioner, the more it will cost to run it. An air conditioner that needs repair or maintenance will not run smoothly as the parts will have to work extra hard to function. Be sure to schedule annual maintenance each year as early in the season as possible, and schedule AC repair as soon as you notice a problem with your system.

Tips 3: You are not taking full advantage of a programmable thermostat.

Many homeowners have a digital programmable thermostat on the wall. And if you don\’t, it\’s time for an upgrade! However, so many people out there don\’t know how to use the programmable thermostat properly or take full advantage of its options.
It would be best to use it to keep temperatures around 78 °F during the day, which is an efficient temperature that most people can be comfortable with. Then, schedule it to readjust by 10°F when you plan to be away or while you sleep.

Tips 4: Factors throughout the home make the air conditioner work too hard.

If your home is not up to par, your air conditioner might have to work too hard to cool it. Poor air sealing, a lack of insulation, and other factors throughout the house contribute to high energy usage, but many of these have a simple fix.
Seal air leaks with caulk and weather stripping.
Add insulation to the attic and other parts of the home that don\’t have it to prevent heat transfer out of the house.
Draw window shades during the day to keep the sun out.
Only turn on fans in rooms occupied by people.
Make the home a little shadier by putting up awnings.

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