Are Rooftop Units Right for My Business?


As summer temperatures stand steady, you\’re likely focused on several things. Running your business or managing your commercial space, ensuring your customers, employees, and tenants are happy and making your building comfortable.

Wait, what\’s that? Haven\’t you been thinking about the comfort of your business? It\’s not typically at the top of mind for business owners or managers, so we get it—but it is essential. An uncomfortable commercial environment can lead to various problems, not the least of which is a severe business interruption. To achieve a comfortable environment in your commercial space, you need the right mix of indoor air and HVAC products and services—and this can start with a rooftop unit HVAC system.

What Is a Rooftop Unit?

A standard recommendation for commercial HVAC solutions, rooftop units comprise multiple modular units placed on top of your business or commercial space. It might seem counterintuitive to have your air conditioner on top of your building, where it is exposed to the elements.

However, commercial rooftop units are designed to handle the blazing hot heat and anything else that comes it\’s way. Additionally, they provide some tangible benefits, such as:

Easy Access

Can you imagine being in the middle of a busy day at work or busy managing an aspect of your commercial space, only to have an HVAC repair technician banging through your business to handle your AC problems? Fortunately, rooftop units eliminate this problem.

Our professional and highly trained technicians can access these systems and work on them without interrupting your business, allowing you to continue business as usual while getting the peace of mind that your AC problem is being resolved. Rooftop access means that new units or other essential equipment can be moved in and out without disrupting your business space.

Cooling Power Flexibility

This is a significant benefit to modular AC units—you can increase or decrease your cooling power. This is advantageous if you have to change needs for the existing commercial space or if you need to accommodate the needs of a new business or office taking up residence within your commercial space. We will install a new modular unit to the existing system (or remove one, if necessary).

The rooftop of your commercial space is the best place for this to all happen since it\’s easier to add and subtract units without the need to move through the business space itself, and you don\’t have to worry about making any landscaping changes surrounding your commercial area to accommodate these systems, either.

Whatever kind of commercial space you manage or business you run, everyone wants to make efficient use of it—using it for workstations, showrooms, offices, or even tenants.

If you have to add on a cooling system surrounding your property or inside the building, you are forced to utilize some of the space you need to accommodate your cooling system. The roof, however, allows you to have the system set up in an unused space, therefore eliminating the problem.

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